About Us

Beyoglu Baklava is a factory for the production and sales of Ice Cream, Sweets&Candies located in DUBAI-U.A.E.  All our products are prepared by hand and baked to perfection by Artisan bakers at our Bakery in DUBAI-U.A.E. where customers are also welcome to collect their orders from our retail counter. We bake daily for a delicate and fresh taste. The main and the most preferred product by our clients is the Turkish Baklava which was one of the most popular sweet pastries of Ottoman cuisine. Depending on our clients requests we prepare various types of baklavas(dessert) and boreks (breakfast). 

Our Vision 

Doing the latest Ottoman flavors international taste. 

Product Quality 

With our quality and quality understanding, our products are, qualified and professional staff, taking care of customer requests, in healthy and hygienic environments in accordance with standards and legal regulations. Our vision is to produce products in accordance with the requirements and to be the exemplary enterprise of the world with the quality and safe product we offer to our customers. 

On-site and boutique production philosophy 

We adopt our basic production approach to offer our products produced by daily and manual labor to our customers in the freshest form with our skilled personnel.