Carrot Slice Baklava With Pistachio 1 Tray 2KG

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İçindekiler: Un, yumurta, nişasta, süt, irmik, sadeyağ, şeker, su, tuz ve firik fıstık. Dayanma süresi : Yazları üç, Kışları beş gündür. Tüm ürünlerimizi yemeden önce içindeki sade yağın doğal olması nedeni ile hafif ısıtılmasını önerilir.

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How it is made?

Carrot Slice Baklava (known also as King Baklava) is the most popular Turkish baklava type. It is made of 30 layers phyllo and each layer of dough is made by hand. Premium pistachio is sprinkled between the layers.

The plain butter is slightly higher than the classic baklava and the sugar is rather less. It is baked to golden perfection
and sweetened with syrup.

The pistachio used at the time of production is imported from Gaziantep which is the number one region of Turkey for pistachio production and it has a worldwide reputation for delicious baklava expertly made with a generous filling of the simple pistachio nut.  The fame of this pistachio comes purely from the quality.

All the raw materials used at the time of production are fresh & high quality materials. It does not contain any color additives and preservatives. 

Ingredients; granulated sugar, potable water, wheat flour, wheat starch, pistachio, egg, plain butter and common salt.

Important Info;

*All our products are fresh, daily made upon received order.

*At winter time heat a little bit the baklava before eating.

*Keep in a cool and dry place for 5 days.   

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